Friday, 11 September 2009

Today is 9/11 – 8th Anniversary

I always feel a strange uneasiness whenever I passed by World Trade Centre. But today there was something strange about Down Town New York. It was drizzling. Surroundings were gloomy probably due to clouded sky. As I was walking on the road next to World Trade Centre, it felt like New York City was at stand still. Broadway was blocked to make arrangement for the 9/11 Mourning Ceremony. As I was walking past church street, I noticed people with banners – “9/11 Conspiracy”, “Help 9/11 Victim Families”, “Some other posters with 9/11 Victims photos on them”. Today also I felt that uneasiness but it was more profound. On the way, there was strict police supervision. On the way towards my office, I came across one Church, just a block away from WTC. I heard a musical gospel (prayer) being sung by a group of gospel singers at the church. As I was walking further, I came across the spot at Liberty Square where 9/11 Mourning Ceremony was going on. They were reciting the names of 9/11 Victims. I saw many families with photos of their lost dear ones. Tears rolled off my eyes. Even though it was drizzling, people were standing there patiently watching the ceremony. There was pin drop silence.

I salute to people of this nation where they still remember the unfortunate incident of 9/11, mourn for its victims, fight for 9/11 Investigation, work towards helping families of 9/11 Victims. In spite of being a working day (Friday), lot many people took a half day off at office and attended the ceremony. Its not neither necessary nor required for them to do so. But still they did – out of care.

Year 2001, when this unfortunate event happened was an unfortunate event for me also. We faced devastating earthquake in the same year on 26th January in Kutch, Gujarat. Even earthquake celebrated its 8th Anniversary this year. But who cares about that. There were few headlines in newspaper, a short documentary on television. Thatz it. There was no ceremony to mourn for the departed souls. It seems like that event has no more impact on us now. Well, it’s a good sign in one way to show that we recovered. But is it truly a recovery or our insensitiveness and carelessness. Do we really care about the Victims of earthquake ???