Friday, 1 May 2009


From this week, I am moved to a new project with totally different at a new location in a new Line-Of-Business. The moment I entered the premise, I seem to feel bit weird and awkward and simultaneously was missing old project, people, location, work, bla…bla…bla. Anyone reading this would say, it happens normally when you go to a new place and you are unknown of the kind of work etc, you feel a bit odd. But I think its something beyond that. When I was carefully noticing this, I found that I seem to get attached to everything that is around me…Like I make some kind of bonding with everything around / related to me. Be it work, workplace, desk, people, project, software (sametime – a chat application at my ex-work place), I am attached to each and everything.

Yesterday, we gave notice to our landlord about leaving the house and I started missing that house. Being in this new project, I miss my old project. I recall the incidents, talks, etc. of the old project. Well, I always knew that this project, people, house and everything is not going to be there forever but knowing that also, I get attached to them. And this is creating a lot of trouble as when attachment breaks, I feel sorrow.

Somehow, I need to work on this part. I need to learn the “Art of Detachment” but dunno what should I do for that.

- BaffleDoodler