Friday, 1 May 2009


From this week, I am moved to a new project with totally different at a new location in a new Line-Of-Business. The moment I entered the premise, I seem to feel bit weird and awkward and simultaneously was missing old project, people, location, work, bla…bla…bla. Anyone reading this would say, it happens normally when you go to a new place and you are unknown of the kind of work etc, you feel a bit odd. But I think its something beyond that. When I was carefully noticing this, I found that I seem to get attached to everything that is around me…Like I make some kind of bonding with everything around / related to me. Be it work, workplace, desk, people, project, software (sametime – a chat application at my ex-work place), I am attached to each and everything.

Yesterday, we gave notice to our landlord about leaving the house and I started missing that house. Being in this new project, I miss my old project. I recall the incidents, talks, etc. of the old project. Well, I always knew that this project, people, house and everything is not going to be there forever but knowing that also, I get attached to them. And this is creating a lot of trouble as when attachment breaks, I feel sorrow.

Somehow, I need to work on this part. I need to learn the “Art of Detachment” but dunno what should I do for that.

- BaffleDoodler

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  1. To get attached is good thing .. so don't learn any art of detachment. And though they are not with you for your rest of life you can be in touch from memories you have with you.